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5 simple tips to be mindful + stay healthy & fit AT THE SAME TIME

Really, being mindful and staying healthy + fit go hand in hand. But it can sometimes be  pretty hard – after a long, busy school or work day, you have thirty minutes to either bust a leg in some cardio, or meditate and journal.

Not to mention the fact that takeaways are just so much faster when you flop in the door, ready to eat your own arm.

Believe me, I know it can get hard sometimes. But in today’s post I wanted to share 5 ways in which you can be mindful, and stay healthy + fit AT THE SAME TIME. Does it get any better?

Read on to find out!

Tip #1.png

Do yoga.

Yoga is the best way to exercise and practice mindfulness at the same time. You’re getting in a good stretch and workout, while at the same time yoga also has a focus on breathing and feeling calm. What better way to spend 15 – 30 minutes when you come home, or just when you wake up?

Plus, it’s a great way to stretch your muscles after sitting all day at a desk or computer, or rising from a long sleep!

Tip #2.png

Wake up earlier.

If you’re the type of person who find themselves rushing around in the morning, with barely enough time to get to school or work, getting up a little earlier can make a huge difference.

Even an extra ten to fifteen minutes can mean you don’t forget anything, you have a chance to take your time with breakfast, exercise, or you can shower/do your full beauty routine.

Or something, that absolutely love to do because it’s so peaceful, is to stand/sit outside for a few minutes with a lovely warm cup of herbal tea. This would be a good thing to do first thing when you wake up, because (a) the tea will hydrate you after sleep and (b) the fresh air will wake you up.

Tip #3.png

Walk, walk, walk!

It’s exercise and mindfulness combined: exercise because of walking, and mindfulness because walking is a great de-stresser. Walking can help you to achieve mental clarity as well (you can run through tasks that need to be done, upcoming events, etc).

I enjoy either an early morning stroll (see previous tip) or a walk after dinner – after dinner, it can be a great way to allow your food to settle before you start doing your tasks/chores/errands again.

Tip #4.png

Spend less time on the internet.

I know, I know. You either have been told this a hundred times, or can’t imagine not logging onto your computer every single day (or both). But I really do urge you to take even a day off the web – and you’ll be astonished at how life moves on! When I first started taking regular no-internet days, I found I was much happier.

And if you’re worried about having nothing to do, don’t worry. When you realize that you can’t use your computer, you just automatically come up with other things to do (hint: now’s the time to sort that massive mountain of laundry, or do that quick gym workout).

Quick tip: if you think you might not have very good self-control, put your device in a place it’s hard to reach. For example, on top of a high cupboard. If you have to go to so much effort as getting a chair to take your device down, you’ll be less likely to quickly “check your emails” or something.

However, I understand that for some people you can’t always take a day off. Maybe you run an online business, and have to constantly send/reply to emails, edit posts/videos, create new content, etc.

So why not set a specific time for internet? For example, have the morning to yourself, and then at ten or eleven o’clock, you can open your laptop. Then reserve the late evening for yourself – switch off at five or six o’clock.

Tip #5.png

Keep track of your food.

I know, I know. This may seem like a weight loss thing, but I ca assure you, this is for health and wellbeing.

I started food journaling on Sunday – today’s day 4. And I must say, it’s really opened my eyes. For example, on day 1 I ate 5 pieces of salami, so I knew I had to watch and cut that out.

Food journaling is quite simply one of the best things to stay healthy. You can see your eating patterns and habits, and if you’re trying to lose weight this can also be a big game-changer.

Of Pens & Paper (1)

I hope you enjoyed this lifestyle post – I plan on bringing out more content that involves fitness, health and wellbeing, so stay tuned for that!

Much love ❤



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