About Sophia


Hi there, it’s Sophia! I’m an Irish girl with a passion for books, music, photography, languages and horses. I run this book/minimalism blog from a little village somewhere in Ireland, amidst rain, cows, and fields.

I’m all for
sunrise and frost on the ground
curling up within the pages
long skirts with bare feet
making someone happy
the taste of chocolate
scent of lavender
a hint of green
violin strings
piano keys
and words.

in the end i’m just a girl with her eyes full of stars and her head in the clouds…

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On July 11th 2016, I set up my blog as Of Pens and Paper. I started blogging about books – mainly reviews, but occasionally discussion or tags. After a couple of months I was really getting into the swing of things…

Then in February 2017 I changed my focus to lifestyle. Of Pens and Paper because la belle bibliophile, then rising within, followed by Nature of the Wilderness, and then natural Musings. In July 2017, however, I realized that my true blogging passion came from books. So I’m now of Pens & Paper – books and minimalism.

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Here at Of Pens & Paper, I focus primarily on books. I review books, discuss different bookish topics, and also tags (if I’m tagged). I also write a weekly post on minimalism, which is a concept that I discovered in March 2017 and have fallen in love with.

Of course, there will be the odd life update where I share with you things about myself. School, hobbies, travel, mind and soul…

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Either way, you won’t regret it 😉

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