MINIMALISM: Travelling Light

When it comes to minimalism, there's one question that many people ask: How do I travel with as little as possible? I've decided that the best way to cover this question is to show you two things: What to do before you travel How to pack like a minimalist I'll start with the "before you … Continue reading MINIMALISM: Travelling Light


MINIMALISM: being an educated minimalist (minimalism at school + uni)

I figured this would be a fitting post to write, considering that school has started by now for almost everyone - and indeed university? In this post I'll share some simple tips & tricks for you to be as minimalist as you can when it comes to education - schoolbooks, stationery, and so forth. Schoolbooks … Continue reading MINIMALISM: being an educated minimalist (minimalism at school + uni)

MINIMALISM: Declutter Your Books

"DECLUTTER MY BOOKS?" you say in horror. Yes, you read the title. Today I'm going to give you some quick tips on how you can pare down your book collection and get a little more shelf space! (that was pretty much the introduction, so now the tips) The first step to decluttering books - in … Continue reading MINIMALISM: Declutter Your Books

MINIMALISM: how to declutter + organize your computer

In all the tidying-up books I've read, I don't think I've actually seen a chapter dealing with decluttering your computer. Or tablet, laptop, etc. So here I am today, with tips on how to declutter files organize your files share your files if needed declutter your apps Let's get started! I know how hard it … Continue reading MINIMALISM: how to declutter + organize your computer

MINIMALISM: Goodbye Things – simple living in body & mind

If you’re in any way a minimalist, you may have heard of the latest minimalism sensation - namely, Goodbye Things. This new bestseller was written by a 35-year-old Japanese man called Fumio Sasaki. Here he is: Mr Sasaki was not always like this. He was once a maximalist, collecting CDs, books, hobby items and much … Continue reading MINIMALISM: Goodbye Things – simple living in body & mind


I don't think anyone here on WordPress really knows, but in February of this year I read Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. Afterwards, I was completely inspired to sort, declutter, tidy and organize my living space. This has been a huge transformation in my life - I now live with fewer things … Continue reading My DECLUTTERING JOURNEY: KonMari + Minimalism