Have you ever visited a popular blog with thousand of subscribers? Success just RADIATES off those blogs – the design is perfect, the posts are well written, the header images catch your eye & look gorgeous… but it’ll never happen to your blog.

That’s what you think.


But I’ve created an email course, designed to take your blog to the next level.

By signing up, you get:

  • daily one-on-one emails
  • my blogging story
  • an in-depth examination of your blog: posts, design, layout, logo, photos…
  • carefully crafted advice + ideas to improve your blog, giving it a new spark of life and hopefully bring in more viewers & subscribers!
  • (and the advice is specifically tailored to suit your blog. I never use the same emails for any two people, because everyone’s blogs are so different)



i.e. zero, zilch, nothing, nada.

I’ve created a completely FREE ecourse for you to take part in!

Course Outline.png

After signup: Confirmation email with details

Same day: My blogging story + I ask you to tell me about your blog

Day 2: Feedback + my advice  to improve your blog design

Day 3: Feedback + my advice to improve your blog posts

Day 4: I ask you to tell me how you promote your blog posts

Day 5: Feedback + my advice to improve promotion of posts

Day 6: Course completion certificate + Q & A for any of your questions


Yes, there are freebies!

However, at the moment, only two are available if you participate in the ecourse:


This checklist is designed for you to refer to before hitting PUBLISH on a new post. Categories include editing, design, and promotion.


  • review this ecourse (I’ll give you a link when you complete the course) and rate it 7 – 10
  • be my first client of the month


When I took on my first client, I introduced her to Canva, a free graphic design website. She’d never used it before, so I quickly wrote a guide for her. Now the guide has been edited, rewritten and polished., and it’s become a shot ebook for you to get used to Canva.

HOW TO SNAG: participate in the course – every participant will receive it!

Terms and Conditions.png

  • This ecourse is open to people anywhere in the world.
  • You must respond to the course emails within 12 hours, otherwise I shall have to move on to the next client.
  • I am allowing each client 7 days for the course. There are 6 emails, and they all require you to send me a reply, so I’m allowing an extra 24 hours in case of delay.
  • Please also note that if you do not respond to the confirmation email within 24 hours, I will assume that you do not want to participate.

you might also want to know.png

  • will be keeping track of my clients, so if I need to send you anything, I’ll refer to my list. Of course, I will keep your details private and NEVER share them. All I will take note of is your name + email.
  • In my last email I will provide you with a link to a Google Form where you can submit a review of my course. See Freebies with more details on snagging a free, printable checklist!
  • You can take this course multiple times. However, if there is a waiting list, I’ll be prioritizing the first-timers.
  • I only have experience blogging with WordPress and Blogger. If you use  another blogging platform, please mention this when you email me about yourself, and I can investigate your platform to better assist you.

how to sign up.png

You have two options:

1) Send me an email ( and use “Blogging For Better” in your subject line. Simply give your name, email, blog, and  say why you want to take the course. I’ll be sure to reply within 48 hours.

2) Send me a message in the contact form below, using the above as your guideline.