Review Requests

I am always open to receiving free copies of books in exchange for an honest review.

Here are some guidelines when if you want to send me your book:

  • Your items must ship to Ireland – it’s where I live!
  • I will not be providing anything other than an address for items – if you need a phone number to get through customs, please mention it in a message.
  • I will provide a complete and honest review of your book. There will be no sugarcoating – every single thought will be honest and true.
  • If you have any specific requirements for a review, please mention them in a message.
  • I primarily read YA books and books about minimalism. If your book does not fall into these categories, there is a high chance I will not accept your book for read and review.

Please also note: When sending me your book, I give myself the right to not finish it. I will attempt to read to about the 30% mark, but if I dislike your book I will not waste my time on it. Bear this in mind before asking me to review your book.

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